Professor John Glascock, PhD, ein international renommierter Immobilienwissenschaftler, ist seit September 2007 Visiting Professor für verbriefte Immobilien-Produkte am Real Estate Management Institute der EBS Business School und zudem akademischer Berater am EBS REMI Managing Board. Glascock hat die Immobilienprogramme der Cambridge University sowie der National University of Singapore aufgebaut und leitet derzeit das Center for Real Estate an der University of Connecticut, USA. Zu seinen Aufgaben am REMI gehören die Beratung des Managing Boards in Fragen der internationalen Programm- und Forschungsausrichtung sowie bei der Auswahl geeigneter internationaler Hochschulpartnerschaften. Neben seiner Lehre in den Aus- und Weiterbildungsprogrammen an der EBS Business School betreut er die Doktoranden am REMI hinsichtlich ihrer Promotionsvorhaben.


  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • REITs
  • Housing policy
  • Small income property investment
  • Risk analysis

Working Papers

  • Analysis of the Hong Kong Housing Market: Before, During and After the HK Crash (a hedonic analysis), with Helen Bao. Presented at the Mid-year AREUEA, 2006. Updated draft in progress.
  • Volatilities and Momentum Returns in REITs, with Szu-Yin (Kathy) Hung, forthcoming, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.
  • Property Investment Trusts in the UK, with Abraham Park, pages 467-474. Reading in Handbook of Real Estate Capital Markets, edited by Nico Rottke, 2008, Muller:Cologne.
  • Momentum Profitability and Market Trend: Evidence from REITs, with Szu-Yin Hung. Forthcoming: Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. Vol. 37, Issue 1, August 2008. (Presented at Asian Real Estate Society meeting, 2003. Also presented at the European Real Estate Society meeting Dublin, 18th
  • Does it pay for acquirers to be friendly? With Sema Dube and Rafael Romero. Journal of Corporate Ownership and Control, January 2008, Vol. 5.
  • The Relative Effect of Property Type and Country Factors in Reduction of Risk of Internationally Diversified Real Estate Portfolios, with Lynne Kelly. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Vol. 34, No. 3, May 2007, pp. 369-384. Presented at the Asian Singapore-Hong Kong conference 2005.
  • Is Hostility in Merger and Acquisition Markets Wasteful? with Sema Dube and Mark Klock, 2007, Journal of Business and Securities Law (published by Michigan State University Law School and Mid-West Securities Law Institute), Vol. 7, Issues 1&2, April 2007, pp. 9-49.
  • Effects of the Method of Payment and the Mode of Acquisition on Performance and Risk Metrics, 2006, with Sema Dube. International Journal of Managerial Finance, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 176-195 (lead article). Later awarded the best paper designation from Emerald Publishing for that year.

Prof. John L. Glascock, PhD FRICS
Director International Relations
Visiting Professor of Securitized Real Estate Products at EBS Universität


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